ARRIVAL: Everyone follow Xanxus!

Remember; ‘Famiglia’ means ‘family’ and ‘family’ means no one pisses off Xanxus.

Dino is now available!

Yamamoto was available for about 5 seconds, but…

Takeshi Yamamoto is now reserved until April 30th.

Ryohei is now available!

Basil is now available!

shrouded-persona asked:
A-ah, hi there! Is it alright if I reserve a spot for Ryohei Sasagawa?

Definitely! Ryohei Sasagawa is now reserved until April 29th. Be sure to get your character application in before then!

TNS Weekly Update #1

 Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the amazing turn-out we’ve received. Every single one of you members is extremely talented, and so kind, tooI’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve spent talking to you, plotting with you, getting to know you and reading all the fantastic threads you’ve started. Seriously, you all have such enormous talent and you give me a real case of the warm fuzzies.

 In any case, this is the first weekly update! I’ll be posting statistics, bringing you up to speed on the work the staff are doing, and maybe even asking a couple of questions every Sunday from here on out.

 The stats are below the cut, but I do have a question: what do you want to see from Tri-ni-set? We plan to do some events in the future, but I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions too! What can this lowly admin do to improve your experience? (Without getting naked, mind you. I won’t do any tricks either. Tricks are what a whore does for money.)

 Let me know through the submit box here or TNS’s inbox here.

- Enma

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Dino’s reserve has been extended until Wednesday, April 24th.

ARRIVAL: Everyone follow Belphegor!

ACCEPTED: Everyone welcome Xanxus!

Sorry we took so long to get to your application, Xanxus! (Forever impressed by all you guys who aren’t native speakers, but still blow me away every time regardless.)

Your application was definitely impressive, especially the personality portion, but your para sample was less so. It doesn’t flow very well— try looking at transition words or conjunctions, and try to be a bit more descriptive!

Please have Xanxus’s blog ready and submitted by April 28th! Feel free to message us if you have any questions.

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